Zip Phones

This my Zip Phones project from 2 years ago that I'm also selling (and have a patent pending on it). Believe it or not , but I just got emailed that someone has just made the same thing:

Makes you think about floating you ideas in the air or keeping your ideas closer. I hope it will not be mass produced before my project does ;)

Project ROX

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This is my latest project which is named ROX. I was invited by the Triennale Design Museum in Milan to join the Jukebox Project, a project about public music interaction. The result is a midi musical instrument that uses distance sensors and lights to allow multiple people create music together. ROX is inspired by how a rock is shapen by water flow: Humen flowing in the streets interact with ROX and make it change light and sound.

ROX was presented on the Fiera Milan iSALONI design week at the Triennale Design Museum and then on a bus that toured Italy during the show.

Check out my video (turn your speakers on):

Hey, I'm Michael Schnitman : )

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